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Medical clinic in Dublin – General Practitioner, Dentist

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. We hope that information provided on this website is important and useful for the visitors. In case if You were not able to find some information or still have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email given in Contacts section. We are always here to help You.

We are excited to announce that from now on You can entrust Your health problems to a highly qualified and experienced medical team in a newly established Lithuanian family clinic Dublino Šeimos Klinika (Dublin Family Clinic).

We are kindly inviting You to visit our clinic which is located in Clontarf district of Dublin city. Here we will do our best to assist You at anytime – not only You will receive a high quality medical assistance in a timely manner but also each one of You will be shown due respect, sincere care and exceptional attention. We strongly believe that welcoming, pleasant and safe environment is very important for fast recovering of the patient. Sincere and friendly relationship that we always try to establish with our patients, often helps them to stay optimistic and feel more safe in complicated moments of their life.
An idea to establish this clinic was developing for quite a long time, while observing and assessing, unfortunately, not very satisfactory statistics of health condition of the emigrants.

It is probably well known that health of most of the people, who are leaving their homeland for a better life abroad, rapidly deteriorates. Hardwork and lack of rest exhausts the body and increases the risk of various sicknesses. Moreover, in most of the cases where emigrants face serious health problems, they do not seek medical help from local healthcare providers as most of foreigners are not familiar with local healthcare system, do not know the language and therefore, suffer waiting for a visit to homeland country.

When establishing this clinic, our primary and key goal was to offer You a high quality essential medical services (specialist consultation-examination and tests-diagnosis) that would be provided in one place at a shortest possible time. And thus, we expect to develop our loyal patients as well as constantly attract the new ones.

Why it is worth to choose our clinic?

  • Our experienced and highly qualified medical personnel has working experience in Ireland
    All of our medical staff has tremendous experience and skills to work with the most modern medical equipment. Work experience gained in Ireland, has allowed us to learn particularities of the country’s healthcare system and thereby effectively deal with patients’ health problems. Our medical personnel is regularly improving skills, focusing on the latest medical information and modern methods of treatment.
  • Communication with patients is based on the respect and attention
    Each patient is treated as extremely important to us: we show him due respect, attention and care. We carefully listen to the patients‘ complaints, trying to hear and understand even the things that the patient is not mentioning. We provide an accurate and comprehensible information about all the necessary examinations and analysis, diagnosis and treatment. We communicate with patients in four languages: Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and English.
  • We offer a unique opportunity to perform all laboratory tests without doctor‘s referral
  • In emergency cases or when a need of a special medical treatment and consultation arises, we refer a patient to well-known specialists in Ireland.
  • We use the most modern and secure medical equipment All our high quality medical and laboratory equipment is being purchased only from the most reliable and well known manufacturers.
  • We protect patients‘ privacy and ensure full confidentiality of personal data. We ensure the confidentiality of personal data regarding patients’ health information and services provided; archive the patient’s health history (in the electronic format as well), effectively manage the flow of data on patients.
  • We are saving Your precious time and money. We work under a flexible schedule, depending on patient’s needs and opportunities (clinic operates on weekends). We offer a fast and reliable results of examinations and lab tests and the opportunity to learn them by phone. Upon a request, copies of the results can be posted to Your home.

Discounts are applied for repeat visits to a specialist.

We Care About Your Health!

Due to covid-19, all GP consultations will be online. Please contact by phone on 0866695385 or 0874619799. Thank you