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Doctor Dalija Vaškienė graduated from Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine. She worked in Vilnius, Lithuania. The doctor has two licenses: the family doctor and pediatrician. D.Vaškienei 2007 of 19 September. given the Irish Medical Council license a general practitioner (GP) practices. The doctor constantly improve and update the knowledge of international conferences.

Family doctor’s practice in Ireland is not financed from the state budget, so medical services are paid and paid for by the patient himself. Also, lack of school-age children in the state of health care, to say periodic child’s weight, height, etc. of the spine. inspections. In this context, we offer our clinic to organize and conduct annual medical examination of children, which includes:

  • Weight, height, correlation;
  • Vision and hearing screening (based on specific data tables);
  • Lumbar spine pathologies, scoliosis treatment;
  • Deformation of the foot tratment;
  • Cardio-respiratory checks (pulse, blood pressure over 12 years, murmurs);

During the inspection found a number of inconsistencies or deviations from the norm can prescribe treatment, referred to a specialist in a certain area, to carry out the necessary studies, etc.

These inspections would be a good preventive measure to prevent ,, “various ailments, illnesses or chronic diseases.

Due to covid-19, all GP consultations will be online. Please contact by phone on 0866695385 or 0874619799. Thank you