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  • Adult and children’s treatment
  • Advice on the primary and secondary disease prevention
  • Laboratory tests – CITO: blood, urine, blood glucose, cholesterol, hemoglobin pylori (survey responses submitted 1 hour period)
  • Carry out a test for Helicobacter pylori – gastric bacteria accurate determination of non-invasive manner.
  • Laboratory tests Euromedic LABLINK laboratory / 120 different tests / answers given 2-3 days /
  • Male and female genital swab on inflammatory and venereal diseases
  • Due to the skin and nail fungus investigation.
  • Electrocardiogram (office).
  • Spirometry (office).
  • lungs, sinuses, limbs, head of the spine X-ray the same day during working hours / MATER Misericordiae University Hospital / our shipment free.
  • Referral letter breast screening mammography and ultrasonographic assesments method
  • Referral letter MRI, CT, echoscopy examination of internal organs few days
  • According to research dedicating treatment
  • oncocytological smears for cervical cancer from 25 years / free /
  • prenatal care / free /
  • Children’s Vaccine / free /
  • Downloads, where necessary with other professionals in hospitals
  • Medical certificate for driving license.
  • Consultation Lithuanian, Russian and English languages
  • All medical records
  • Adult and children treatment with medical card / FREE

Due to covid-19, all GP consultations will be online. Please contact by phone on 0866695385 or 0874619799. Thank you